Meg Fenn

Are you a culturally diverse leader?

Maybe you are an ethnic minority-led business or an under-represented business founder. Perhaps you've lived in or are living in a foreign country, have  a diverse background or work within a multi-cultural environment. I'd love to help you be creative and grow your business or your personal brand.

I'm Meg Fenn.
I've been helping people to be creative for as long as I remember.

With over 20 years working as a design and marketing professional in the creative and digital sectors, my aim is to help people to be creative and stay creative in order to problem-solve and innovate.  This social impact venture is all about empowering culturally diverse leaders to be creative through diverse thinking and doing.

I can help you:

  • be more confident by embracing or increasing your creativity
  • strengthen your marketing, your messaging and your brand story through diverse thinking and doing
  • stay creative in your work, your business and in your community by creating or identifying opportunities where you can make a positive difference

I design and deliver workshops both individually and in collaboration with trusted colleagues and collaborators. I am a mentor and critical friend. I am also a global conference speaker, a Fellow of the RSA, a member of The Good Business Club and am on the committee of WorthingDigital and East Side Print CIC. My other skills include graphic design, web design, marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), and strategic thinking and planning.

A few ways I help people stay creative

Creativity Chat Twitter Space

Creativity Chat Twitter Space

I run a live audio chat with interesting and friendly people. Topics include design, UX, web design, community and business.

Creativity challenge on The Possibility Club

Creativity Challenge on The Possibility Club

My creativity series with inspirational interviews, videos, and creativity challenges within The Possibility Club online community. It's free to join, but you'll need to register.

WorthingDigital events

Learning and connecting events

I love to bring people together to learn, share knowledge and connect. One of the ways I do this is by helping to organise and run WorthingDigital speaker events.

Meg Fenn on re-booting happiness and finding purpose

Re-booting happiness and finding purpose

Listen to my interview on Thrive Together podcast by Clare Griffiths on why and how I re-booted happiness in 2020 and some of the creative projects I get to work on.

Connect with me:

What people say about me:

"I very quickly felt that Meg was an extension to our team. Meg has a rare combination of both big picture overview project thinking alongside terrific technical knowledge and understanding. She has a lovely manner, is friendly professional and efficient." - Sally Wallwin, Remarkable Practice

"Time to give credit to one of the most influential people in my life, someone I’ve never met but who’s inspired me in so many ways. From my first lonely immigrant days in the UK seven years ago, Meg supported me, inspired me and was the first person in this country, to whom I could relate." - Elitsa Yakimov

"I can't speak more highly of Meg. From the professionalism, collaboration, creativity and expertise she demonstrates in her work. To the unfaltering kindness, positivity and integrity she shares in her everyday life. Working with her is a true inspiration." - Jane Guest, Innovate UK

Are you curious?

If you want to know more or if you are simply curious or excited about this proposition, please arrange a chat with me.

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Thank you for arranging to have a chat with me. I'll be in touch soon to set a date and time. Looking forward to chatting with you. Meg